Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As Opening Day gets closer and closer, SCWS will be putting out a few new t-shirts. Can't have you guys wearing the same old Marlins jersey to every game, can we? Last week, it was the Gabyman shirt. This week, we go a little NSFW (and probably NSFtheballpark) with the all new Logan Morrison SHARKTITS t-shirt.

For the back-story, check the #sharktits hashtag at your local Twitter store.

Strip Club With Stanton looks forward to seeing you all get kicked out of the stadium for wearing this t-shirt. But, if you do happen to make it to the fifth inning, wearing this shirt – at a game that SCWS is at, of course – without being escorted out, your next beer is on us! Promise.

[Strip Club With Stanton T-Shirt Shop]

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