Monday, March 14, 2011


I don't know for sure, but SCWS might just be feuding with Donnie Murphy.

Saturday morning, Logan Morrison, as he's known to do, held a Q&A for his Twitter followers. Donnie Murphy chose that moment to make an awful attempt at comedy.

What follows is our exchange:

Black jokes, Jew jokes, gay jokes; they can be all be funny. Hell, I'm Jewish and I've laughed at my fair share of Holocaust jokes. The thing is, there needs to be some kind of substance to the joke if you want it to ride the fine line between humorous and blatantly offensive. And that's where Donnie Murphy dropped the ball.

There was no funny innuendo, no hidden implication that might make you chuckle to yourself. No, in Murphy's joke, the entire setup and punchline was simply, "Ha! You're gay!" End of joke.

As someone who was making tsunami jokes while Japanese people were dying, I can't say that I was all that outraged by the tweet. I was more shocked at the stunning lack of awareness. (And that Morrison called him out on it. Though, I was glad he did.)

Locker room culture is what it is. Grown men who shower together and whip each other's naked asses with towels are going to be freaked out at the thought of two dudes being romantically attached. I get that. I don't understand it, but I get it. A hundred years of homophobia isn't just going to magically disappear, which is the main reason you and I will probably never see an openly gay star athlete in our lifetime. The rampant homophobia, whether real or simply a product of caveman comedy -- as I genuinely believe Donnie Murphy's tweet was, by the way -- just won't allow it.

But if a caveman culture is going to exist, let it exist only in the locker room. Bros just being bros. Behind closed doors. Because, while I'm not particularly offended by such jokes, other people might not feel the same way. Other people whose wallets might be important to the organization. And that's usually when the folks in the suits step in and make their presence felt.

What's my point, Donnie?

The Marlins have, without question, the best Twitter presence in all of professional sports. It'd be greatly appreciated if you didn't go and fuck it up for everybody.

UPDATE: D-Murph and I spoke via Twitter. He admitted his joke was bad judgment and I shit my pants when confronted. So, you know, I think all is right in the world.

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