Monday, March 28, 2011


At-bat music. It's something that every player in Major League Baseball needs to have figured out prior to Opening Day. And with that date rapidly approaching, Strip Club With Stanton would like to offer it's assistance to any Marlins who might still be having trouble selecting their musical accompaniment. So, all this week, we'll be throwing out some ideas for some of your favorite Marlins. If you've got your own suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Who? Hanley Ramirez

What? Hustlin' by Rick Ross

Why? Apparently, for some people, there isn't enough gritty white guy inside of Hanley. I say fuck those people. Those same Marlins fans had similar complaints about Miguel Cabrera. If they were Red Sox fans, they'd have been the ones bitching about Manny Ramirez, even as he hand-delivered those ungrateful fucks to two World Series championships. The moral? Fans are stupid. Keep jogging, Hanley. Keep. Jogging.

Pertinent lyrics: "Everyday I'm hustlin' / Everyday I'm hustlin'." Which would be a fucking lie. And hilarious. Also, I'd like to point out that I grew up right around the corner from the Carol Mart in the video. I'm white. And Jewish. Yes, my childhood was interesting.


  1. Good choice here.

    I recommend "Big Pimpin" for Stanton, but then again, none of our music should come from NY artists. Maybe a lil sumpn-sumpn by Trick Daddy instead...

  2. Big Pimpin for Stanton is pretty good, but I think I've got one for him that nobody will disagree with. Saving it for last, obvs.

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