Thursday, March 31, 2011


At-bat music. It's something that every player in Major League Baseball needs to have figured out prior to Opening Day. And with that date rapidly approaching, Strip Club With Stanton would like to offer it's assistance to any Marlins who might still be having trouble selecting their musical accompaniment. So, all this week, we'll be throwing out some ideas for some of your favorite Marlins. If you've got your own suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Who? Logan Morrison

What? The Jaws theme song

Why? It was between this and Rockin' Robin. (A Twitter joke! Get it? Eh...? Eh...?) Ultimately, this one won out because (A) it's badass and (B) as fans, we're obligated to make the SHARKTITS nickname stick. It's our duty. Speaking of which, can I interest anyone in a t-shirt?

Pertinent lyrics: "DA-NA... DA-NA... DA-NA-DA-NA-DA-NA..."

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