Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, Strip Club With Stanton made it out to the ballpark last night to catch a game with one half of the powers behind Marlins Diehards. It was an entertaining night in which we all learned very important things. Most importantly, that with Stanton out and Hanley struggling, the Marlins lineup is pretty pedestrian. You wouldn't think that, considering the team still has Logan Morrison and Gaby Sanchez, but when those two are your best hitters? Holy shit, you're in for a long night.

Other observations...

• With Stanton out and Morrison blasting home runs, should the nickname Patience & Power really be Patients & Power?

• Enough with Emilio Bonifacio. I'm serious. That mother fucker Freddie Mitchell'd the shit out of a foul ball just over the tiny wall down the right field line. Dude, there's no safety who's gonna come and fuck your shit up. EXTEND YOUR DAMN ARMS!

• Sometimes, I have no idea what Edwin Rodriguez is doing. More to come on this later..

• The video you see above is from the 10th inning of last night's game. Jayson Werth drops an easy pop up that would've been the first out in the bottom of the inning. Instead, Omar Infante reaches on the error, advances on a wild pitch (which is the part where you can hear everyone chanting "ALL YOUR FAULT"), and eventually scores the game winning run on a Donnie #@!% Murphy™ single.

The "WERTH-LESS" chant probably isn't very original, but what Marlins fans lack in originality, they more than make up for in relentlessness. This was all happening from the moment Werth stepped onto the field in the first inning. There was also one man who did his homework, mixing it up with chants about Werth's wife, Julia, every so often. Now, that's some researched heckling. Sometimes, I really do <3 you guys.

• The $6 corn dog basket? Still as heavenly as ever.

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