Friday, April 8, 2011


As Hanley told you yesterday, the Washington Nationals are the ultimate slump buster. The Marlins looked like shit against the Mets, but three games later, with a .500 record, you probably feel a little better about the team. That's not to say that you should. Or that you shouldn't, for that matter. Because, well, it's the Nats...

Dont worry about...

The bullpen. They weren't awful. In fact, they were pretty good. In 13.1 innings of use against the Nationals, they only managed to give up one two-run homer. I mean, I know it's the Nats and all, but they were bound to score sometime. You can't really be upset about 7 hits and 2 runs in just over 13 innings, though. It's almost like they're a real bullpen.

Be worried about...

The bullpen. That said, those 13 innings came against the Nationals. I don't trust this bullpen. I don't care if Antonio Alfonseca isn't on the team anymore. I don't care if Renyel Pinto isn't in baseball anymore. Too many Kevin Greggs have all but ruined my memories of the Trevor Hoffmans and Matt Manteis. In this day and age, as long as the pitchers in that makeshift bullpen are wearing teal and black, I'm going to be skeptical. It's just part of being a Marlins fan.

Hanley's glove. With three errors in the first six games, Hanley Ramirez is on pace for 81 errors this season, which would likely be some kind of record. Those kinds of extrapolations are pretty humorous when applied to home runs, but would you really be all that shocked if HanRam wound up with 70+ errors this season? Can anyone confirm that he even brings a glove with him to the infield? Is he using a brand new, stiff-as-hell glove from Sports Authority, like the girls in my co-ed softball league? Can someone please get this dude some glove oil? Or a Tom Emanski video.

Be terrified of...

Eh, well, nothing, I suppose. The Marlins begin their first road trip of the 2011 season against a crappy Astros squad. If they fuck that up, this section might get a few bullet points.

Photo of the Series

So much to love about this photo. The awkward smile on Murphy's face. The seductive words Logan seems to be whispering into his ear. That pinky, creeping ever so slightly down Donnie's belt buckle. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but I'm pretty sure you could come up with about 2,500 for this one.

Alternate Photo of the Series

I spy... something orange.
(photo via @sweetcarolin_a)

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