Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hanley went 2 for 4, Mike Stanton drove in the eventual game-winning runs and Leo Nunez continued to pitch like his name wasn't Leo Nunez. That's how the Marlins beat the Dodgers last night. Add to that a Phillies loss and – FUCK YEA! – first place in the NL East! Also, who's the second best team in all of baseball through 1/7th of the season? In yo' face, bitches!

More importantly, though, last night I taped a podcast with, like, four other NL East blogs and it went about as well as I expected it to go. (Which is to say, poorly.) So, a big thank you to 7th and Pattison for inviting us all on the show. It was a lot of fun, even when it wasn't. Everyone involved was pretty informed and knew their baseball shit. And then there was me, trying and failing miserably to crack jokes. Maybe it because it was my first time, or maybe it was the half-second delay, or maybe it was the sheer number of people all doing their best to not talk at the same time as anyone else, or maybe I just suck at radio. All I know is it lasted a little over an hour and I spent the entire time sweating and stammering like a comedian, mid-bomb.

Not sure when the show will be available for you all to listen to, but once it's out in the wild, I'll be sure to get it up here so you guys can make fun of me.

Again, thank you to 7th and Pattison for inviting me, and thank you to everyone else involved for putting together a good show. I just hope I didn't ruin it.

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