Friday, April 1, 2011


It's always amusing when a professional team still has an ancient fight song like this and tries to file it under tradition, rather than just let it die peacefully. Some of my friends are Mets fans and they still force this godawful song on my unsuspecting ears every damn season. It's audible rape, I tell you. But, this is the way of the ever-hopeful, often times delusional, Mets fan. Get used to them, because it's opening night and they're coming to invade our ballpark.

As for the Marlins, tonight marks the beginning of a new era. An era where Josh Johnson hopefully goes more than five innings. An era where the bullpen doesn't come with a self-destruct button. An era with a lot less Emilio Bonifacio. An era with a lot more Mike Stanton. The Monster Dong Era. The Twitter Era. The Pleasantly Surprising Pennant Race Era?

All of this begins tonight, against a team that hasn't played a game, yet somehow already manages to find themselves six games back in the loss column. No Johan Santana. No Jason Bay. No second baseman. Instead, the Mets begin the 2011 season with Mike Pelfrey as their ace four of diamonds and that wild and wacky FM morning show, Duda and Emaus, in the field.

Yesterday was Opening Day, but tonight, baseball truly begins. So, if you've got friends who happen to be Mets fans, you have until 7:09PM EDT to apologize for all of the things you're going to say to them for the next six months. (And you can watch tonight's game with other Marlins fans and some of your favorite Marlins bloggers at the MarlinManiac live chat, tonight.)

Happy Opening Day, Marlins fans.

Meet the Mets, meet the Mets,
Step right up and [BLEEP] the Mets.

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