Friday, April 29, 2011


As far as baseball goes, yesterday was an off day. You may've been watching your beloved Dolphins draft another fucking offensive lineman, assuring themselves of a 10-6, one-and-done playoff existence for the next half a decade or so, but that was your masochistic decision. Me? I was busy coming up with a game. Well, not really coming up with it. More like modifying a preexisting game that's been circling the internet. I call it...

Six Degrees of Mike Stanton's Massive Dong

The rules are simple. Go to Wikipedia and click on the "Random article" link. From there, the game begins. Whatever the internet puts in front of you – be it centrosomal protein of 70 kDa or the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision – you must navigate your way to Mike Stanton's Wikipedia page using only in-text hyperlinks from the page you're currently on... and you must do so in only six clicks.

Here's an example.

Random Start Page: Eduardo Bone
Click #1: Midfielder
Click #2: Position (team sports)
Click #3: Baseball
Click #4: Major League Baseball
Click #5: Florida Marlins
Click #6: Mike Stanton's Massive Dong

Simple enough? Good. Now go waste your boss' time and money by playing this game all day instead of doing all that shit you're expected to do to earn a paycheck. Fuck it, it's Friday! He's probably playing it, too.


  1. Got it on my first try. Someone give me a medal.

    1: Wanlong Station
    2: Taipei
    3: 2007 World Baseball Cup
    4: United States national baseball team
    5: Florida Marlins*
    6: Mike Stanton's Massive Dong

    Florida Marlins available thanks to Matt Lindstrom being on the 2009 US World Classic team. BWAHAHAHA

  2. 1. Verwall Alps
    2. Mountain range
    3. North America
    4. Florida
    5. Florida Marlins
    6. MSMD