Tuesday, May 17, 2011


JJ got hurt, Hanley sucked, STANTONGASM, Badenhop does something awesome, Leo counters with something terrible, Marlins win.

Now that that's out of the way, I should probably point this out, considering it taped like two weeks ago. HEY, LOOK!!! I was a guest on an Upon Official Review podcast called BLOG WARS. One blogger was chosen from each team in the NL East to compete in an Around the Horn type podcast and, for better or worse, I was that Marlins blogger.

If you've never done a podcast with like six other people (There was a moderator and some guy who showed up in the middle. I think he was homeless and wanted lunch.), you should know that it's just as awkward as it would seem. I called in via Skype, said hi, and then we all waited around for the last guy to show. In that time, some of the guys tried making awkward small talk. I sat in silence. It was like the worst blind date orgy you could imagine. Eventually the show starts and I think I'm going to go into it as the guy who makes fun of everything. I even practiced. But, after like two jokes, I realized that these dudes were serious! They were breaking shit down like we were on an ESPN set. Totally threw me off my game. By the end, I was nothing but a broken man stuttering and stammering through a dead Nationals prospect joke. (Luckily, someone else comes in with a Mr. Met tumor joke at the end to steal the award for Totally Unnecessary, Completely Forced & Awkward Joke from me.)

So, if you've got nothing better to do today, click on the BLOG WARS logo below and listen to a bunch of dorks babble about the NL East for an hour. Participating blogs are listed below. You should visit them and bookmark them and follow them on Twitter and other such stalker activities.

Phillies: 7th and Pattison
Mets: Real Dirty Mets
Natinals: Center Field Gate
Braves: Braves Blast


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  2. Your god awful blog inspired me to see if I could do worse...in a word, Success. http://streamingflicks.blogspot.com/