Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If you weren't on Twitter yesterday, or were on Twitter but had no idea what I was talking about, then you missed the big SCWS news. Allow me to fill you in on that and all of the other stuff going on in El Universo de Florida Marlins. (That probably wasn't proper Spanish. My apologies, essay.)

SCWS is the newest member of Marlins Daily. Yep, I'm branching out, folks. First and foremost, I'm really excited to work with the talented David Gershman (whose name I've spelled wrong on every first attempt I've made in the last three days) and do my thing on a site that's at least tangentially related to ESPN. We'll see how long I last before they politely ask Gershberg to have my lifeless body stuffed in a trashcan. Now, I know what you're thinking, but perish the thought! This does not mean less of me here. It means MORE OF ME ON THE INTERNET!!! Which is never a bad thing. So, please, head over to Marlins Daily and check me out, along with Gersham and the other new guy I haven't met yet. We'll be doing some smart and funny things over there.

But don't forget about your other Marlins bloggers. It's this humble blogger's opinion that the Marlins have the best bloggers in the league. Or at least in Florida. Or at least in South Florida. What I'm trying to say is, if you're a Marlins fan, you've got a pretty awesome network of bloggers down here. Aside from this crazy place and Marlins Daily, you've got Fish Stripes (the most bloggy of all the Marlins blogs), Marlins Diehards (a good mix of logic and fandom), and Marlin Maniac (one of the smartest MLB team blogs you'll ever read). I'm sure I forgot some others, but the point is, you've got options. Check them out.

June is almost over. You know what that means? WINS, MOTHERFUCKER!!! Okay, well, hopefully it means wins, but at the very least, it means we can forget this awful, awful month once and for all. When July starts, we'll be 0-0 for the month, which is much better than 3-183. Plus, you get a day off from work to blow shit up in the streets and watch Joey Chestnut crush 85 hot dogs in three minutes. How can that not be a good thing?

Interleague play is still going strong. The Marlins continue their California tour tonight, taking on their long-time rivals, the Oakland A's. Man, the bad blood between these two teams stems all the way back to– Oh, I can't even. Interleague play fucking sucks. There, I said it. It was cool when it first came out and I finally got to watch the Orioles play. (They were my favorite team at the time. Don't ask.) But, now that it's, like, fifteen years later, can we just fucking end this charade? Either make baseball unique again and keep the leagues from playing each other at all in the regular season or give each team at least a home and road series against ALL of the teams in the other league. There are 162 games to work with. I'm sure they could make that work. You either fuck the fans completely or give everyone something to be happy about. But, to give the city of New York a Mets/Yankees series while people in St. Louis are stuck with the Royals? That's just fucked.

One more important announcement that I've buried down at the bottom, but I'll be bringing up again in the future, so it's no big deal. Strip Club With Stanton is thinking about having a birthday field trip. It's still in the "kicking around an idea" stage of planning, but the thinking is that it would be sometime in August. Probably a weekend game. Maybe the Giants series. Possibly a costume party. Hellz. Yes. Anyway, shoot me an email or hit me up on the Twitter machine if you'd be interested in attending or have any other theme ideas. A more formal post will follow as soon as I have a better idea of whether this is going to happen or not.

Oh, and Rachel Bilson. Yeah, just consider that a present from, like, half a decade ago. Click her. She gets bigger.

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