Monday, June 6, 2011


A long time ago (like 3 months), when this blog first began, we covered the perils of Twitter with Donnie Murphy. Warned him to be very mindful of what he tweets because not everyone at their computer has his best interest in mind. Some of them are sitting there, waiting for him -- or any athlete, really -- to say something stupid and then pounce like a nerdy little tiger.

So, when I heard that Donnie Murphy quit Twitter yesterday after being hacked, my first reaction was, OH. SHIT. I thought for sure someone went four-letter-word-crazy on his page and @replied some nasty messages to some big names in the league. I couldn't blame him. I'd delete the account and never touch a computer again if some shit like that happened to me.

But, I woke up Sunday morning and went on a little hunt to find the offending tweets and this is what I found:

Seriously? That's it? Two spam tweets and an apology? If I had to cancel an account every time someone hacked it to send out penis enlargement spam, I wouldn't have Twitter, email or Facebook. In all honesty, Donnie, this is life. If you don't want someone hacking your account, use a password that's longer than six letters and more complicated than your name or the team you play for.

But, then I looked at his final tweet. "Didn't even realize it until now." Wait! Does that mean that some of his older tweets were hacker'd, too? Hm... Let's look at some of those offending tweets, shall we?

I'm not gonna lie, I really can't tell if these previous Tweets were the results of tomfoolery or not. But, if that was the job of a hacker, not only should Donnie Murphy not quit Twitter, he should probably hire that guy to ghost-Tweet for him.

Either way, though, good luck to you in your future social media endeavors, @dmuprhyirish22. Whatever those endeavors may be. Perhaps your Facebook is a safe haven away from this crazy, lawless Twitterland. Perhaps you feel more comfortable posting your daily musings on Live Journal. But, should you decide to come back and join us, here's a handy little guide that might help prevent this sort of embarassment in the future.

Till we meet again. YOU COULD GROW 6 INCHS IN JSUT 1 WEEK!!1!

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