Monday, June 27, 2011


You can watch baseball for the better part of two decades and still learn things about that sport that you've never known before. For instance, when Mike Stanton struck out four times on Friday night, he earned himself a golden shower golden sombrero. No, really, that's a thing. Like, a real thing. Just ask Wikipedia!
The term derives from hat trick, and since four is bigger than three, the rationale was that a four-strikeout performance should be referred to by a bigger hat, such as a sombrero. The "Olympic Rings" or platinum sombrero applies to a player striking out five times in a game, while a horn (after Sam Horn of the Baltimore Orioles, who accomplished the feat in an extra-inning game in 1991) or titanium sombrero is bestowed upon a player who strikes out six times in a single game.
I don't know about you, but my mind was just blown.

Part of me feels a little stupid for being such a devout baseball fan, yet not knowing anything about this. And, yet, the other part of me takes great pride in knowing that I'm still nowhere near as big a baseball dork as I probably could be.

And not only did Chief Big Dick earn himself some Mexican honors this weekend, but he also became only the fifth Major League Baseball player in history to make a fan crap his pants without so much as raising a finger.

So, congratulations, Mike. This weekend was, like, a "super golden sombrero Mexican cat trick" or something.

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