Tuesday, July 19, 2011


OMG! OMG! OMG! HERE IT IS!! Alright folks, here's the party I've been teasing for the better part of a month now. The SCWS Costume Party! All the info you need is in that nifty little flyer up there (Yep, we got ourselves a graphics department!), but if you don't like looking at pictures, here's the info in paragraph form, plus some extra stuff that didn't fit on the flyer. Important info has been bolded for your convenience.

The SCWS Costume Party will be held Saturday, August 13th, against the San Francisco Giants. Why the Giants? Because fuck the Giants and their whiny GM, that's why. The game begins at 7:10pm, but I figure we should all meet up first, drink a little, play Spin the Bottle and do whatever else it is that people do to break the ice before a baseball game these days. So, to recap this paragraph... MEET UP ON AUGUST 13 @ 6:00pm.

Here's the deal with tickets. I didn't secure a group of tickets from the box office because, well, it's a Marlins game and I don't think we'll have a problem finding a place to sit. We'll just do it this way: buy yourself a cheap seat and we'll all wind up sitting somewhere in right field together, behind the Stantongasm, himself. Even on a Saturday night, with a free R.K.M y Ken-Y concert – AWESOME, I KNOW, RIGHT!!! – we still shouldn't have a problem finding a bunch of empty seats out there. If you have a better idea, I'd be more than happy to entertain it. Again, to recap this paragraph for those who have the attention span of a gnat... BUY CHEAP SEATS AND WE'LL ALL SIT SOMEWHERE IN RIGHT FIELD TOGETHER.

As far as costumes go, you're free to dress however the fuck you want. Wanna come as a tampon? Come as a tampon. A giant gorilla? I'll bring the bananas. I still haven't decided on my costume yet, but I have a few ideas I'm batting around. If you're stumped, though, and don't know what to come to the party dressed as, you could just throw on a Jason mask and this awesome Buster Posey t-shirt and call it a day. And there's a whole lot more t-shirt wonderfulness at the SCWS Shirt Shoppe, if that's your thing. To recap this... NO COSTUME THEME. COME DRESSED AS WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT.

Okay, so I think that about covers everything. If I left anything out or you have any ideas about something, just find me on Twitter or email me and we'll try to get everything straightened out. Oh, and one last thing...

MUY IMPORTANTE. Please, please, please, please, as soon as you decide that you're 100% coming, shoot me an email or DM me on Twitter. (Not if you think you might come, but you're still not sure yet.) I'd like to try and keep track of definitive numbers in case people begin asking.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

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