Thursday, September 22, 2011


You know shit just got real when Steve Shapiro of Channel 7 news gets in on the action.

In other Logogate news, Marlins Die Hards confirms the rumor that UniWatch confirms the rumor that the Miami Metrorail Marlins logo is for realz, yo!

Unfortunately, David Samson won't. MDH posted this quote from Tiny Tim:
"I'm not saying anything was leaked or wasn't leaked," Samson said. "I read about so much stuff on the Internet that it's hard to keep track of it all."
All that midget porn. I mean, really, how's one supposed to keep track of it all? But, that wasn't the only quote Samson gave yesterday. On his weekly radio show with Dan The Bastard and Stuart Gotz, the Marlins president had this to say about the widespread chaos caused by Logogate®:
"I actually haven't seen a reaction, because I'm not focused on that, cause we're releasing it on November 11th...Word of a leak of our logo has not been one part of one minute of my day today."
Which is probably true, since he did help kill some guy earlier in the day, or something like that. When pressed on the matter of the logo, though, he responded:
"Yeah, the logo will be released on November 11th. Other than that, there's nothing to say. It's going to be a great event down here at the ballpark and our new retail line goes on sale that night, as well as, more importantly, we changed the Miami Marlins. Our official franchise, the Florida Marlins comes to an end on Wednesday the 28th, in terms of games, but in terms of the franchise, it ends on November 11th and Miami starts on the night of November 11th."
There was a lot of stuttering and stammering edited out of that last quote. Stuttering and stammering that may've indicated that the person speaking those words was maybe hiding something. Or that he was nervous. Or that he was getting a blow job. Really, it could be any of those. Or it could be none of those. Which is what makes Logogate® so much fun!

As for the Marlins, David Samson had this to say about the team:
"The team is CRAP, right? The season's coming to a merciful end –THANK GOD – so there's no news there."
Oh, David. You can come write for Strip Club With Stanton anytime!

UPDATE: Dan Uggla, you can come write for SCWS, too!

“I feel bad for those guys if they have to wear that next year,” Uggla said. “I think it should be officially deleted.”

When asked what he thought was wrong with it, Uggla said “everything.”

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