Thursday, January 19, 2012


If you're bored, here's a link that contains more words than you ever cared to read about the selection process that decided exactly who would be cleaning up after your sloppy kids in the Marlins new ballpark that you still have no way to get to.

And here are a few passages that sound really wonderful, but are probably loaded with bullshit because everyone who builds or runs a business in Miami is a shady fucking liar:

Miami-Dade spokeswoman Suzy Trutie said the Marlins were free to negotiate as they wished for their few private contracts. And Jose Galan, the county’s project manager for ballpark construction, said the Marlins have exceeded all the hiring “aspirational goals” set for them by administrations from Miami and Miami-Dade.

For those contracts, the Marlins agreed 50 percent of the workforce would come from Miami-Dade. Galan says they’ve exceeded that by 20 percent. The team also agreed to hire 10 percent of the workforce from the city of Miami. Though that number is actually been closer to 27 percent. The team also agreed that one in three of the firms hired would be based locally. And with all the contracts done, and the start of the 2012 season less than four months away, more than half of the 61 firms that won bids are local.

And though there’s no requirement, the Marlins say they are well ahead of their goal of hiring 15 percent of the operational workforce locally. Though those jobs aren’t particularly high paying, they are longer-term employment than construction work.

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Which means that if you read between some lines here and there, you'll probably see that something like six people from Miami have jobs. YAY, CORRUPTION!*

(* I'm still deciding if "YAY, CORRUPTION" would make an awesome Miami t-shirt or not.)

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