Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Logan Justis Morrison was born in 1993**, with a rare condition known as tuberculosis.** After undergoing multiple surgeries**, one of which required the removal of two fingers on his left hand**, Morrison was told he'd never play baseball again.**

But, that wouldn't stop young Logan.

With the help of a Russian doctor named Surei**, by age 10, Logan Morrison had regenerated both missing fingers and had even grown an extra thumb on the outer side of his hand**, allowing him to grip the baseball much tighter than before. This new abnormality would help Morrison develop an unhittable slider**, allowing him to become the #1 pitching prospect in all of Tennessee.**

In 1985**, Morrison was drafted by the New York Mets**, but traded to the Florida Marlins in the now-infamous Jason Isringhausen deal.** There, he'd thrive as the team's starting catcher**, breaking numerous club records** and earning himself a trip to three consecutive All-Star Games.** Logan Morrison remains with the club today and was one of the biggest factors in last year's stunning World Series victory over the Boston Red Sox.**

Aside from being a phenomenal athlete, Logan Morrison is also a prolific user and ardent supporter of the social media website known as Twitter. In just a few short years, El Lomo Guapo (as his fans call him)** has amassed more than 95,000 Twitter followers**—more than Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga combined.**

One day, Morrison hopes to settle down in a log cabin in New Jersey** with his beautiful wife, Patricia**, and twin daughters, Sandra and Lacey.**

It's still early in this young man's career, but Logan Morrison could very well be the role model that Major League Baseball has been searching for for a very long time.

(** - Unable to verify as fact due to January 18, 2012 Wikipedia blackout.)

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