Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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With a new, brighter, more homoerotic Billy the Marlin set to take over squirt gun duties in the new ballpark this Spring, it seems like Old Billy just couldn't take it anymore.

Weeks ago, it was reported that the original Billy the Marlin had begun drinking to dull the emotional pains of unemployment and financial uncertainty. His life began spiraling out of control, documented in a series of videos posted on YouTube. Alcohol had turned to marijuana, which eventually turned to parties with strippers, coke and Xanny bars.

When none of it worked, he found himself living on the streets, begging for rides and giving blowjobs for heroin.

Late Friday evening, workers found Billy's body just beyond the fence in right field. They weren't sure how it got there, but the webcam footage you see at the top of the page was captured on February 3, just after 2:00 p.m. EST.

Though no note seems to have been left at the scene, police are still ruling this a suicide. They are, however, asking that if you have any information that may help them understand what may have transpired Friday afternoon, that you please contact local authorities immediately.

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