Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I don't feel like writing today, so let's just do one of those brief paragraph-link to other blogger-quoted passage-closing remark type things that made Deadspin famous all those years ago. The blogger we're gonna pull from is David Hill, brother of Ted Hill and one-half of the bloggy blogg blog known as Marlins Diehards. I've hung out with Ted, who's a good guy (Ladies...) and designed their awesome kick-ass flashy wonderful banner. Also, way back when I was writing my old Marlins blog—that shall not be named—they were the only people who read it besides my mom, so I sort of feel like I'm the third Hill brother. Anyway, here's a little snippet of what D-Hill had to say in regards to The 10 best things about being a Marlins fan, reposted from Yahoo!'s Big League Stew, over at Marlins Diehards:
9. Hanley Ramirez, the most unlikable All-Star: It seems fitting that the Marlins' centerpiece can be such an unlikable train wreck at times. Hanley Ramirez is a reflection of the team itself. Like the Marlins, Hanley pairs streaks of brilliance (like his 2009 batting title) with dumbfounding pratfalls (not only did he spark a clubhouse uproar by accidentally kicking a batted ball into the outfield and loafingly jogging after it, he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in 2011 by going all-out on a popup in shallow leftfield). His often surly demeanor (at various points in his career he's taken on multiple managers as well as Mr. Marlin himself — Jeff Conine) makes him a pariah in Marlinland, especially when he is struggling at the plate. When he supposedly demanded a trade after the team signed Jose Reyes this winter (a charge which Ramirez now adamantly denies), more than a few Marlins fans wished the team would grant him that request. But Miami is a city defined by sports villains (see the 1980s Hurricanes football teams and the current Wade-James-Bosh edition of the Heat), so it somehow makes sense.
Also, that photo at the top? Yeah, I basically just stole that from Marlins Diehards, who stole it from Big League Stew, who probably just stole it from somewhere on the internet. Lazy bloggers, unite!

(P.S., Don't think I didn't notice that the third box in the photo extends just a tad longer than the other two boxes. And also, there are drop shadows—YIKES! In other words, if you're looking for a graphic designer, Yahoo!, I'm available. Because the one you have stinks.)

[Marlins Diehards via Big League Stew via one of the Marlins Diehards]

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