Thursday, March 22, 2012


Here at Strip Club With Stanton, we like to show our support for the Miami Dolphins. What we like more than that, though, is to show our support for Miami Dolphins fans. Because those fuckers have been through a lot these last 10 years. You think we've had some bad times? Think about this: Two days after the Marlins beat the Yankees, on their field, in front of their fans, to win their second World Series in just 6 years, the Dolphins were beginning the Brian Griese Era. That's how bad it's been.

So, to show our support for our frustrated compadres, we've come up with the two new wonderful t-shirts you see up top! As always, you can find them HERE or by clicking on the image.

Oh, but maybe you want to use one of those designs as your Twitter avi. Well, lookie what we got down here. SCWS, at your service!


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