Friday, April 27, 2012


Why, yes, Heath Bell, lover of ice cream and blown saves, did throw 45 pitches, walk four batters and blow another save in less than one full inning of work, why do you ask?

Hopefully, this picture of two not terribly unattractive ladies preparing a delicious cake batter will help you forget all about that. Sometimes, when I see a photo, I like to try and create a back-story. It helps add context. 

In this photo, I'd like to imagine that the girl in the foreground (Stacey) was baking this cake to celebrate Heath's 3rd save of the season, but then her roommate (Lacey), who was watching the game in the living room, came running into the kitchen to tell her all about the madness that had just transpired. (You can see the look of shock and disgust on her face.) Lacey's hand then accidentally grazes the side of Stacey's bosom, causing a slight tingle in Stacey's pajama bottoms. After a brief moment of awkwardness, the two young lasses lock lips in a deep, passionate kiss, then retire to the bedroom, where Lacey keeps a small box of various lotions and double-ended dildos.

See, you forgot about the Marlins game for a minute, didn't you?

(photo via this girl's Instagram)


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