Friday, April 6, 2012


If you're like me, you love food. And the Marlins. And if you love food, you love cake. And if you love the Marlins, you love this blog. And if you love cake and the Marlins, you're going to really love this blog post!

You see that cake up there? That's the cake that was displayed in Jeffrey Loria's personal suite on Opening Night.

Yes, Jeffrey Loria and 50 of his closest friends got to spend their Wednesday night in Marlins Park, eating Marlins Park. And who could blame them? According to the fine people at Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes, the creators of this edible masterpiece, the collection of flavors gathering inside mini-Marlins Park were red velvet, guava cream cheese, vanilla rum, marble and chocolate. And heaven. They forgot to mention heaven.

Even better? The roof on the cake was a working retractable dome. I repeat. The roof on the cake was a working retractable dome.

I feel that I should take this time to remind you that this is a CAKE. My birthday cakes growing up were lucky to have enough candles on them. Jeffrey Loria gets a cake with a retractable roof. Where did my life go wrong, exactly?

A few other things you should know:

• The giant Marlins logo was created by Miami Monogram and containts more than 3,600 Swarovski crystals. Rumor has it, Loria took one look at it and immediately inquired about having his entire outfield wall done the same way.

• Mini-Marlins Park took about a month to make. It would've taken less time, but Norman Braman thought it should be an ice cream cake, so he held up the whole process.

• Is that a picture of Heath Bell behind the cake? Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?

More photos below.
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[Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes]

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