Friday, April 13, 2012


Ozzie Guillen's job was safe, unless the worst thing that could possibly happen happened. Well, the worst thing that could possibly happen is happening. According to Street & Smith's (Yes, the guys who made your fantasy football magazine in 1998!) Sports Business Journal Daily, the Marlins lost the Cuban American Bar Association as a sponsor. OH NOOOOOO!!!
The Miami-based Cuban American Bar Association yesterday "dropped out as a sponsor" of the Marlins' Lawyer Appreciation Night, which was scheduled for April 17 at Marlins Park, according to Douglas Hanks of the MIAMI HERALD. The organization said that it "can’t support the event" following Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen's comments about Fidel Castro to Time magazine.
This is it. Ozzie's career with the Miami Marlins was over as soon as Jeffrey Loria's wallet took a hit. This is that hit. Twas nice knowing you, Ozzie. It was fun while—

Wait, what's that?
Miami attorney and event organizer David Rothman said that the bar groups sponsoring the event "don't have to pay anything, but only agree to promote Appreciation Night to their members."
Oh. They don't pay, um…anything? Never mind, then. Carry on.

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