Monday, April 23, 2012


That Gatorade sure looks cold...

After scoring just two runs over the last 19 innings and losing two out of two to the Nationals this weekend, I think now's a pretty good time to panic. Especially when you realize that the Nationals are in first place in the NL East, a full 4.5 games up on the Marlins.

At this pace, the Nationals will finish the season 121-41, clinching the division sometime in June. They'll play 80 one-run games and win roughly 60 of them. Stephen Strasburg will finish 20-0, striking out 250, while giving up only 30 runs. And they'll probably go on to win the World Series in three games.

Something needs to be done to stop this merry band of misfits. I'm legitimately terrified.

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