Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A new logo, a new uniform, a new stadium…and now a new appreciation for the bloggers and fans who help spread the word about this team all across the internet.

Yesterday, the Marlins held their first ever Social Media Night, where approximately 60 fans, bloggers and random people you've never heard of received free tickets and got to hang out with other fans, bloggers and random people you've never heard of. One of those people was supposed to be me, but unfortunately, the folks who designed Windows Vista also designed the drainage system in Doral, so it's 17 hours later and some of the streets remain flooded, even as you read this. (Doral, Florida: "Come for the Golf, Stay Because Your Car is Flooded and You Can't Go Anywhere Anyway!") I eventually made it out of the city safely, but it was too late.

Fear not, though, loyal readers. Strip Club With Stanton always has a backup plan.

Meet SCWS informant, Agent E-9. She's a die-hard Marlins fan who isn't afraid to talk shit to people who may or may not like GIANCARLOCRUZMICHAELSTANTON. Also, she's kinda sorta very purty, which never hurts. She's here to tell you all about what you may have missed. (My notes in bold.) Take it away, E-9!

•  The lucky winners and their guests entered through the Diamond Club entrance, where they were greeted and received their Marlins Social Media Lounge pass.

•  The tour began through the park's tunnel where we got to see the Marlins barbershop, weight room and Diamond Club restaurant. (HEADZ UP BARBER SHOP is actually worth a follow on Twitter and Instagram, if you're into such things.)

•  Next, the tour continued through the Clevelander and up to the promenade level of Marlins Park. The tour guide walked our group through Taste of Miami and a few other parts of the level, stating facts about the park. (Shit that all true marlins fans should already know, so I was yawning the whole way through.) #humblebrag

•  Finally, the tour ended at our seats in the right field bullpen. Contest winners were welcomed by caterers walking around with trays of Asian burgers(!), shrimp burgers(!!), and pulled pork sandwiches.(!!!) Additionally, on the bar, there was an array of food such as oysters, ceviche, mariquitas and Cuban sandwiches. All the food could be found at different concession stands throughout the park. I did enjoy tasting a little of everything along with the unlimited beer and soda. (You can tell Agent E-9 is new to this whole dispatch thing, because free beer—sorry, FREE BEER!!!—should never ever be placed at the end of a paragraph as a casual aside. It clearly deserves its own paragraph. Give her time though, she'll learn. The Force is strong with this one.)

•  At our seats, we got to meet with other bloggers and social network users and chit chat while we enjoyed the food and the game. (I had an ex girlfriend who used to say "chit chat." Drove me fucking nuts.)

•  We also received MLB Fan Cave t-shirts. (They did!)

•  Allison Williams [/drools] made an appearance to chat and interview a few fans. Billy the Marlin also passed by to poke people with his bill, I guess. ("Poke people with his bill" is a euphemism, I guess.)

•  Marlins' Park plans to hold this contest every month to get more bloggers (HUZZAH!) and tweeters (HUZZAH!) into the ballpark to enjoy this social media experience.

•  With this being the first Marlins Social Media Night, I can say I enjoyed being a guinea pig for them.

And there you have it. An official dispatch from an official SCWS informant. From the photos I've seen popping up online, I have some of my own thoughts, but I'll save them for when I actually make it out to one of these events myself.

A special thanks to Agent E-9, though, for going all the way to Miami and doing all this work, while I sat at a Chili's bar in Aventura, watching the Heat game and stuffing my face with way-too-salty french fries.

(Photo by informant E-9)

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