Friday, May 4, 2012


There. That photo should make you feel much better about Heath Bell. (And if not, here's the video.)

Now, let's get down to business...

The Marlins swept the Giants. HUZZAH! The Marlins took a one-run lead into the ninth yesterday, but Heath Bell didn't pitch, so San Francisco didn't score and Miami won the game without going to extra innings for once, which is nice.

Who likes expensive, shitty beer? I hope the answer is you, because that's what you're getting. According to Consumerist, by way of, a beer at Marlins Park is the second most expensive beer in the Majors, behind only Comerica Park in Detroit.
At $8.75 for a small beer, visitors to Comerica Park pay the most for a small beer, according to a new round-up by That's $.75 more than the price charged by the runner-up, Marlins Park, where the newly renamed Miami Marlins where their flashy uniforms.
The article was written by a guy who occasionally mixes up his "where" and "wear," though, so do with that information what you will.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, that crazy American holiday where we celebrate a random date on our calendar by getting so drunk that we can't even read a calendar. (We've updated the banner accordingly.) So, what are you doing for Cinco de Mayo? I'm sorry, did you say, "TOTALLY GOING TO THE PUB IN PEMBROKE GARDENS TO WATCH A KICK-ASS COVER BAND AND MAYBE MAKE OUT WITH A DRUNK GUY/GIRL AT THE BAR!" You did, didn't you? Then—ohmygod—do I have the perfect Cinco de Mayo event for you!

I might even be there, so, yanno, HUZZAH!

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  1. This post is a little light on dildo information