Monday, June 4, 2012


If you missed it, I did an interview with FanSided's That Ball's Outta Here. It was equal parts amusing and amusing. Which makes it, like, 83% amusing. You should read it.

GIANCARLOCRUZMICHAELSTANTON was named NL Player of the Month by MLB, mostly because he's the perfect killing machine, but also because he played really well in May. Either reason is sufficient.

What else happened this weekend? Fat, crazy man, Carlos Zambrano homered. He also raced home from third on a wild pitch later in the game, which was as entertaining to watch as you'd imagine it was.

Oh, and the Marlins took two out of three from the Penguins to slide oh so close to first place in the NL East. Along with the Mets. And the Braves and the aforementioned Penguins. Because the division is pretty dank this year. (Do people still say dank? Probably not. Whatever. Saying dank is dank and I don't care what you think.)

Wanna see something wonderful? Those godawful Marlins plush toys have Twitter accounts. Meet Lil' Jose and Lil' Stanton. Okay, I take it back. Lil' Jose is wonderful. Lil' Stanton just feels like a cheap knock-off of Lil' Jose. Not to mention, Lil' Stanton shouldn't even be a thing. Reyes, the man who's never not smiling, is a guy whose personality screams "plush toy." GIANCARLO is a guy whose personality screams "rocket launcher." Or "sex toy." Now, there's an idea for Lil' Stanton...

And finally... the SCWS Blog Giveaway details will be announced tomorrow. Which is cool because you can win something for free and it might even be something you want. So, yeah, come back tomorrow and see what you have to do to win yourself some free shit!

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