Thursday, August 30, 2012


Face blurred to protect my identity.

Early this morning, I stopped by the 790 the Ticket studios to drop off a special present for South Florida's favorite sports talk radio host—Dan Sileo  Steve White  Cigar Dave  Jonathan Zaslow!

Zaslow happens to be an old friend, so I was more than happy to present him with this free, Jonathan Zaslow-inspired t-shirt. (Trust me, free SCWS t-shirts are hard to come by. Ask Gaby Sanchez.)

While there, I also met met Marc Hochman, who's surprisingly not as dorky and frail as he looks in pictures. We spoke for a little bit about granny porn and the FM takeover, which he attempted to explain in great detail, going full radio dork—you never go full radio dork—and losing me for a stretch, as my mind wandered and I tried to imagine just how many different people have farted in the chair he was currently sitting in.

During my visit, I got the chance to see where the magic happens. No, not the fabled Lincoln Financial Media bathrooms—the broadcast booth, otherwise known as 790 the Closet. (For real, if the other studio I walked into [either 101.5 LITE FM or MAJIC 102.7, I don't recall which] was the super-cool set of Frasier, then 790 the Ticket was Andy Dufresne's cell in Shawshank.) You'll also be surprised to know that Lincoln Financial has a sex room that people who work there insist is a radio studio. I'm not buying it; they made me wear nipple clamps just to enter.

So, that was my morning. Hung out with the Zaslow and Hoch morning show. Talked porn...

How you luuuuuuu dat?

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