Friday, August 31, 2012


Tonight's the night. SCWS and friends will be sitting in section 225, so if you wanna stop by and meet some of the weird people who hang out on the internet and make jokes at the expense of pudgy closers and nondescript center fielders, that's where we'll be. And if you're actually part of SCWS's first ever Snark at the Park, I look forward to meeting you. Some of you, anyway.

Also, RA Penis is pitching tonight, so you best bring your dick-jokey A-game, because Fake Marlins Fan and I have been waiting our whole lives for this.

Also, also, John Buck is like .001 away from the Mendoza line, so tonight could be the big night. SO EXCITED.

Also, also, also, I still haven't figured out how I'm giving away the John Buck baseball, but let's just say that if you bring a funny Dickey sign, you've got a good chance at going home with it.

Also, also, also, also, I think I might be playing a Marlins drinking game. You're all welcome to join me. Rules will be posted later on Twitter or something.

Okay, no more alsos. Thanks to the Marlins for sort of putting this together, even if only four of you show up. See you tonight, you lovable assholes!

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  1. You got a double digit turnout! Total success!!