Monday, July 28, 2014

Putting my $ where my mouth is

As I read blogs and listen to people ramble away about various and sundry things regarding the game of baseball, I wonder how many of these people have actually played the great sport.

Nothing drives me crazier (and I am already crazy to begin with) than armchair quarterbacks, or in this case, armchair pitchers, droning on about a sport they've never played. That being said, you will never hear me talking about lacrosse or tennis, the two sports I don't think I've ever played, even as a kid. I've been a gymnast, I've played rugby, and even played flag football for my PE credit in college. I've ran, I've swam, and I am a championship winning kickball player.

Tonight, I am putting my money where my mouth is, and picking up my old trusty, a worn and much loved Rawlings glove and my bright purple bat that's covered in dings. Hopefully, I will make Stanton proud and hit a #monsterdong for him.

If I do, who is taking me to a strip club?!?

Wish me luck!


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