Friday, July 25, 2014

Woman Scorned: A letter to Ken Rosenthal

Dearest Ken,

In regards to your "FREE GIANCARLO STANTON" post yesterday: 

Way to point out everything we already know about Loria and how our team operates. Don't you have anything original or groundbreaking to tell us?

You call yourself a professional, why not report on something that's not already common knowledge?
Good job on doing nothing more than fanning the flames.


Take that bowtie and shove it up your ass. I like to wear them too, but they sure as shit look better sitting above my supple rack versus on your pale, old man turkey neck. Here's a bit of pictorial evidence to back up my claim:


Speaking of old news, much like you are "reporting"...  that's what you just proved yourself to be.

Move over. Its time for the new hotness.

Take note, @FoxSportsFlorida.

Warmest regards,


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