Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2 #MonsterDongs = 2 gratuitous pics

A little backside story for you.. years ago, I started playing kickball, as a side game from softball. At the time, I didn't know many people in the league. Fast forward a season and me getting asked out by another player. The story goes as such: he asked me out, I said yes, and he goes back to the table he was sitting with. He told them "K just said that she'd go on a date with me." They all responded "Who?" He pointed me out at my team's table and they all said "Ohhhh.....you mean The Ass."

Years later and now friends with those guys, I've come find out that prior to knowing me or my name, they referred to me as The Ass. Why? Take a wild guess, geniuses.

It's a nickname I've proudly carried since I've found out.

That brings me to the point of this post: what kind of ass are you?

I sent this link to one of my friends, one of the culprits of nicknaming me, and asked "So which one am I?"

(Let us know, readers. What kind are you?)

His reply inspired me write this post: None of the above, in a class by itself. “The Kate” aka “The Ass”  (See why I love him?) followed by Btw, your beloved Stanton will be in a Red Sox uniform soon enough. (See why I hate him?)

Oh wait, you want pictorial proof of my best asset, you say?!

This happened at last year's Summer Spree party. My buddy Ash + booze + my ass + a wooden spoon =

And since this blog is about boobies, here's a picture from this year's Summer Spree, which was this past weekend:

You're welcome.

I guess I have to write something related to GiancarloMichaelCruzStanton because that's the point of the blog, right?

I now have 2 people who refer to Stanton hitting a HR as a #MonsterDong. Slowly but surely, I am converting people.

Speaking of the number 2…..hello!! Did you see those beauties? What about that diving catch? Hotdamn his ass looked good when he did that…our boy has one hellava ass on himself, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Gary Sheffield holds the club record at 42 for a single season batting, and if our boy keeps his hits up, he has a good shot of blasting past Gary before our season ends. We have 9 games left, and he needs 12 more to hold the record. Do you think he can do it? I do!

Let’s all ignore the trade rumors and enjoy this man while we can (which hopefully, will be for a very long time). Please dearlordinheavenalmighty don’t let him leave us.

I've decided that for every #MonsterDong hit for the rest of the season, I will post of picture for you, similar in nature to the ones above. If that's not a reason to cheer Stanton on, I don't know what is.


  1. Nice shots, wooden spoon gives you kink cred. Never knew guys could have one, but your quiz says I have a BADAONKADONK--Paul

  2. um, pics dont work...