Friday, August 22, 2014

Paul, Rosenthal and the Wall

We are currently a .500 team…. I’ll take it! I know it’s not the best record we could hope for but compared to prior years, I am happy. Let’s just keep it up and enter post-season at it, if not better! Our outfield is one of the best (in my humble opinion) and as long as Stanton keeps his bat alive, we can. I am crossing my fingers that #HitsMcGehee re-earns his nickname, and if we combine that with more blasts by Ozuna and Jones, we will continue to look good. The season is almost over, let’s not muck it up in our typical Fish fashion. Regarding our next 3 series: I am just going to assume we will win all 3 games against the Rockies. I mean seriously...if we don’t then… I won’t even go there. The Angels are going to be tough, but hopefully we can fly by them on a wing and prayer. As for Atlanta, I will put on a brave face that we can chop out taking the series. Waaaah waaaaah waaah…. I know. I couldn’t help myself.

I had the pleasure of meeting a reader and Twitter follower last weekend, a charming and funny Mr. Paul Nobles. To Twitter people, he is better known as @dolfan_70. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much time to hang out, as both of our friends were insisting that we go back to watching the silly thing called the Bucs v Dolphins game that we were at. I am sure it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and that you’ll hear more from us as we share sports related adventures with the Twitterverse.  

Apparently, I didn’t skewer Ken Rosenthal enough because he’s come back for seconds, and I am happy to dish more out for him. To catch you up to speed, Ken published an article titled “Free Giancarlo Stanton” and I served him up a rebuttal.

Of course, lord knows my readership isn’t even a full speck of sand compared to the beach full of sand that reads his stuff, but my comments and opinions are just as valid as his, so here we go for round 2.

Ken posted this earlier this week and even though he ended the column with a very nice comment, I still think he’s wrong. I think the devil, I mean Loria, knows that Stanton is our stud, and that with all the other BS he’s pulled and the fires he’s started with bad PR, that if he lets go of Stanton and doesn’t show a commitment to our fan base, that we will revolt and leave the team in even worse shambles for attendance and following then we are already in. Stanton is a drug and we’re all hooked. Loria knows better than to yank us off the good juice and throw us into the hysteria of withdrawal. We’ve all seen Trainspotting right? That’s how I imagine every single Marlins fan will be (all hopefully aiming for his ugly ass, overpriced, Italian leather shoes) if Loria lets him slip through or tries to pull another garbage trade that gets us no where and no real talent. We need to keep the talent that we have, and Stanton sits at the top of that list. Look at how the clubhouse interacts with each other right now. It’s all happy go lucky in there and that in turns makes us happy. Giancarlo is the future of our team, and we need him to stay put. Loria’s history of piss poor trades and deal making will not be repeated with Stanton. Stop perpetuating the idea that he is better off elsewhere. He’s gelled the team around him into one of the best outfields in the league. Good grief, Ken, let us have our moment in the sun and work with us to spread the idea that Giancarlo belongs with us long-term, and that it’s best for everyone involved, because it is. He’ll get the money he deserves, and we’ll get to keep doing the drug referred to as GMCS.

If Loria is stupid enough to alienate and piss us off again, I for one will bang my head against a wall, and I’d rather not do then seeing as I finally read the writing on it, when it comes to dealing with my ex. Long gone are the days of me forgetting I had a backbone and letting him walk all over me and treat me in a manner less than I deserve. Jimmy Dugan yelled at me and said “Start using your head. That’s the lump that’s three feet above your ass.” And so now I am and couldn’t be happier. I’m free! I’m free from his cruel attitude and from having to listen to him drone on and on about baseball with his steadfast opinions (which of course were always the right ones, he was never wrong) a sport he’s never once played, not even in a pickup game. Too bad it was when I finally got him to agree to play catch with me once, because he admitted that he had never even worn a baseball glove.

Sometimes I think Ken is the same breed--all opinion, no play time. Maybe that’s why he rubs me the wrong way, because I wonder if he too has ever played, even in a stinking little league. I just think that years of talking about and watching something are no match for the feeling you get when you’ve actually had some dirt in your skirt and have earned an RBI tally.

There you have it folks, Paul Rosenthal, and the wall.

Bonus picture since I quoted A League of Their Own: me as a Rockford Peach! 
It was the best Halloween Costume ever, and one that I think I will repeat next year.


  1. Nicely done. Love the fact that Loria, Rosenthal and your ex are all that type A male with no actual experiences to draw on and the common denominator that all are capable of leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Look forward to the next visit to the #SCWS as well as our next sports adventure. Keep fighting the good fight- Paul

  2. As a Nats fan, I appreciate your passion for your team. Good luck with the Braves. That's going to be a tough series.

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